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Living space storage heating TTB-E Duo

Smart storage heater with electronic control for extended charging times

Living space storage heating TTB-E Duo

Storage heaters of the type TTB-E Duo with static heat emission are ideal as a heater for many types of rooms. A new generation of heat storage with internet-compatible thermostat. It measures the room temperature and determines the duration of the charge.

- Well-balanced price/performance ratio (purchase price/consumption)

- Perfect for areas (NRW or e.g. Spain) with high loading times of e.g. 14h or 19h. Bridges the charge-free times with the special storage stones - Maximum bridging time

- Ideal for operation with own photovoltaic system


Built-in electronic thermostat for input and output control. Only 18.5 cm deep - ergonomic and robust. Easy installation. Controlled heat emission with a
patented ventilation system. Suitable for 8 to 16 hours charging time. Silent radiant and convection heat generation. Corresponding safety standard EN 6033, safety class 1. Colour RAL 9003. Regulation of room temperature depending on the charge. Additional "direct acting" aluminium heating element.

- Adaptive control
- Charging indicator
- Various weekly programs
- Thermostat detects open windows (detects if the temperature drops by 1.2 °C within 10 minutes m - and stops heat emission for 10 minutes)

- Discharge via built-in electronic room temperature controller
- Core charge dependent on the set room temperature
- Transition additional heating is installed at the factory
- Floor-free mounting of the device
- Wall mounting included
- No fan noise - very quiet operation
- Easily accessible control element on the top side


Watch here the product video
Model Power [KW] Dimensions
W x H x D [mm]
[kg approx.]
Order number
TTB-E Duo 8+
TTB-E Duo 17+
TTB-E Duo 26+
TTB-E Duo 34+
Power [KW]
W x H x D [mm]
460 x 720 x 185
670 x 720 x 185
880 x 720 x 185
1090 x 720 x 185
[kg approx.]
Order number
842 508 007
842 517 007
842 526 007
842 532 007
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