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Electric heaters for your home office

Electric heaters for your home hoffice


In order to reduce contacts at work, many office workplaces are currently being outsourced to the home office. This brings many advantages but also some challenges. A key component of working from home is having comfortable workspaces. Usually living rooms are used as offices. However, this is not an really good idea for concentrating on work tasks and separating work and private life. If you have the opportunity and can redesign unused rooms in your own home, you should try to make this area the perfect place to work. Perhaps you can convert a garage, basement or attic room into your home office and are looking for the best heating device to keep that space warm? Regardless of where your home office is, it is important to make sure that you create a comfortable place to work. One of the best ways to do this is with electric heaters.

Why are electric heaters very suitable for an home office?

No expensive heating system expansion required

Surely, you’ll spend a lot of time in your new home office and want to keep it warm without spending a lot of time and money on upgrading your central heating. Electric radiators are the answer, especially if you've recently set up your office in a basement, attic, or garage that doesn't have plumbing or heat sources. The great thing about electric heaters is that they are great for self-installation, which makes it a lot cheaper and easier to start up. The only thing you need is an electrical outlet. This means there is no need to expand your current system or install additional piping.

Set up in a few minutes

Most of our heaters are designed for self-installation and come with all the necessary fixings such as a mounting template, brackets and screws. You only need your tool case. The brackets can be attached to the wall easily and the electric heater can be positioned at the desired location. Then simply connect the electric heater to the nearest socket and you can start heating and working in a pleasantly warm environment.

Use electric heaters free-standing or mobile

Another plus of electric radiators is that many of them can also be used free-standing or mobile. An option that central heating cannot give you. Many of our radiators can be purchased with compatible feet or castors to function as a freestanding source of heat. They are easy to place in the desired location and easy to move from room to room whenever you need portable heat. Taking the radiator with you to changing workplaces in the house is no longer a problem.

Electric heaters enable individual control

Electric heaters have a number of control options that enable optimal thermal management. By installing an electric heater in your office, you can set the temperature in this room separately from the rest of your heating system. So if parts of your home are empty during the day, you don't have to waste energy or money heating those rooms if only your office needs to be warm. With the help of weekly programming, you can create a heating schedule that corresponds to your working hours. You can even use features like adaptive start, which preheats your office ahead of your set schedule to ensure the perfect temperature when you start working. You do not have to worry about wasting energy with the hourly burst ventilation, which is currently very much recommended. As soon as the radiator detects open windows, it switches itself off briefly.

Control the heating via app or voice command

When you work from home, you likely spend a lot of time writing emails, working on a spreadsheet, or focusing on other office tasks. To interrupt your workflow as little as possible, you can for example use voice control to manage your heating. As soon as you get too cold or too warm, you can readjust your radiator with a simple voice command without getting up from your desk. For example, if you couple your TT-KS DSM partial storage heater with your Amazon Echo, you can use commands such as “Alexa, set TT-KS to 20 degrees” to regulate the temperature without having to get up. Intelligent functions such as WiFi programming are of course also available for convenient control, with which you can carry out the heat management of your radiator via an app on your phone. If your home office is at the other end of the house, you can still adjust the temperature in the kitchen before you go to lunch.

Suitable variants for every situation

Your home office is very small and you need a particularly narrow heater? Do you have large, floor-to-ceiling windows and need a flat radiator? Would you like to attach the electric heater to the ceiling above your workplace? For these and many other situations, we have exactly the right versions of our electric heaters. Check out our wide range of electric heaters today.


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