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Infrared heaters - Made in Germany

Why choose quality from Germany instead of low prices from China


Again and again you hear about infrared heaters as a modern and novel heating option in your own four walls. However, these reports are not always characterized by positive reviews. On closer inspection, a certain trend can often be seen, because the average European always likes to buy products from China instead of relying on quality goods from their own regions. However, the qualitative differences are sometimes enormous. This can be seen very clearly in the processing, but also in the material used, the cabling and, ultimately, the efficiency of the infrared heaters.

But how exactly do infrared heaters work and why is it advisable that you choose quality from Germany rather than cheap goods from China?

How do infrared heaters work?

Funktionsweise Infrarotheizung

Unlike conventional heaters, which heat the air in the room itself, infrared heaters are based on a completely different principle. The room surfaces are heated by means of infrared rays, which are emitted by a panel to

  • walls
  • ground
  • other objects in the room (pieces of furniture, etc.)

Infrared heaters belong to the class of electric heaters and can be installed practically anywhere (living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc.), as they only have to be installed and connected to a power source. That all sounds fine and good, but what is the price? Well, in terms of price, there is a wide range of prices. Goods from Germany are of course more expensive than the cheap versions from China. But there are some arguments why you should dig a little deeper into your pocket.

What are the quality differences between infrared heaters from Germany and China?

In addition to price, quality is of course always an important selling point. If you look at the price differences between infrared heaters Made in Germany and Made in China, it becomes apparent that the quality, workmanship and manufacture are not the same. A good product is only as valuable as the quality of the components used in its manufacture and the processing itself. In addition, the working conditions in China are absolutely subterranean, which may become a moral taboo for one or the other customer.

Cheap components lead to lower efficiency, durability and appearance, while cheap production is usually - and especially in China - characterized by the fact that cheap labor is used without training and understanding and ultimately there is no proper quality control. All of this can mean that cheap infrared heating from China costs its buyers dearly and can ultimately also be dangerous.

A good example of this is the stated wattage of infrared heaters. As a rule, cheap heating devices rarely achieve the specified values. A lack of quality control and not necessarily promising certifications mean that in practice you simply get less performance.

Cheap infrared heaters as a source of danger?

However, one of the biggest arguments against cheap goods from China is the fact that poor quality heating from China can become a source of danger in your own four walls. Which includes

  • health damage
  • Fire hazard
  • Short circuits

Basically, infrared heaters should be made of ceramic and not contain any processed plastic parts. If these were to warm up while heating, there could be long-term health problems, but also defects, and ultimately service quality in China is fundamentally written in small letters.

Of course, it is up to you whether you prefer to save one or two euros when buying, but in the end a bargain from China can quickly turn into a dangerous cost trap. Inferior quality of the materials used, as well as improper production without actually reliable certifications, can lead to infrared heating becoming a health risk. In the case of products that are 100% made in Germany, you can be sure that the materials used and the manufacture are correspondingly high quality and that the certifications are actually trustworthy.

There are many arguments for and against the installation of infrared heaters, which are not relevant at this point, but if you decide in favor of infrared heating, you should dig a little deeper into your pocket and rely on Made in Germany.

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