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Over 30 years of TECHNOTHERM

Core competencies for electric storage heaters and electric heaters

Being a midsize family  business owned by Lucht LHZ Elektroheizung GmbH & Co. KG, we have a discerningand co mprehensive understanding of quality. In this context, it is important for us that you can absolutelyrely upon our services.

We develop and manufacture our storage heating and electrical heating systems at a scrupulously high  level. Our core range of electrical-heating products are Made-in-Germany. We develop and manufacturethem completely and autonomously which also contributes to our success. In the last 31 years, we have established our business on the national and international markets. Now we are represented worldwide bya number of sales offices and dealers based in various countries. To secure compliance with international quality standards, we have implemented our own qualitymanagement system at our production factories in Hartmannsdorf and Burgstädt.

Regular and internal audits ensure a controlled level and an continuous improvement process. They alsoen sure a needs based training of our staff. We see this, in turn, as the best pre-requisite for customer satisfaction and for securing our business success.

"Your claim is our passion!
Top quality produced in Germany!"

Uwe Lucht
Managing Director

Gründung des Unternehmens durch Dieter Schlegel


Übernahme von TECHNOTHERM durch Lucht LHZ Elektroheizung GmbH & Co.KG


Erweiterung des Sortiments durch Smart Home-Produkte 


Vergrößerung der Gewerbefläche in Burgstädt um weitere 20 000 Quadratmeter 

TECHNOTHERM and the international market

TECHNOTHERM products are available worldwide. Through our own sales agencies and service facilities and our partners, we work successfull on the most varied international markets. Therefore, TECHNOTHERM is actively represented in important foreign markets. With intensive training programs, supportive sales promotions, we have built a strong bond with our global trading partners and end users. TECHNOTHERM International is a globally recognized partner of planners and architects, as well as the specialist trade, the craft and the energy supply.

Technotherm Company Video


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