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ErP-Ready with the products of TECHNOTHERM

ERP, the EU Ecodesign Directive

The European Union demands in the Ecodesign Directive (ErP Directive) that the environmental impact of energy-related products must be minimized. For this purpose, requirements for an environmentally friendly design of products over their entire life cycle were defined and transposed into EU law.

Our future-proof electric heaters
It is our aspiration to offer our customers innovative products that consume as little energy as possible with optimum performance. Not only have we responded to the new EU guidelines, but we have also taken care in the development of our products to make them even more energy efficient.

Objectives of the ErP Directive
With the ErP Directive, the European Union is driving forward climate protection by prescribing the restriction of energy consumption of energy-related products.

Uniform directive for the entire EU
The requirements of the ErP Directive are applied uniformly throughout the EU. Therefore no competitive advantage can arise by deviating from the EU-specific regulations.